3017: A Guide to Survival

  Hey, you! Yeah, you. Wake up, young survivor - The time is now! Get your day started, climb into your spacecraft and set your destination to Planet 797, a safe haven for the handful that made it out. You're one of the few, don't waste this opportunity. Now, the journey won't be easy - You're... Continue Reading →



Sometimes it's hard to tell Is it the love or the liquor That truly makes us gel?     As I sip another drink I wonder to myself "Is it us?" Or are we on the brink?     What's love really mean? Is it synthetic, an illusion Created for the silver screen?    ... Continue Reading →


  Lately, I've been surrounded by a number of people who, unfortunately, have quite an ignorant view towards what one's motivation in life should be. More and more often, I'm hearing of one common motivator: Money. Really? Is that REALLY what drives people to succeed these days? If that's the case, then I'm not very... Continue Reading →


She's so easy to lose but so hard to gain, She's beautiful, not ignorant nor vein   She'll smother you with love if treated right, She'll leave in an instant if deceit is in sight   She doesn't deliver second chances, She's the backbone of all romances   She's more sacred than any bond, She'll... Continue Reading →

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