3017: A Guide to Survival

  Hey, you! Yeah, you. Wake up, young survivor - The time is now! Get your day started, climb into your spacecraft and set your destination to Planet 797, a safe haven for the handful that made it out. You're one of the few, don't waste this opportunity. Now, the journey won't be easy - You're... Continue Reading →



  Lately, I've been surrounded by a number of people who, unfortunately, have quite an ignorant view towards what one's motivation in life should be. More and more often, I'm hearing of one common motivator: Money. Really? Is that REALLY what drives people to succeed these days? If that's the case, then I'm not very... Continue Reading →


Today I'm 21, oh how time can pass Just yesterday, I strived for gold stars in class Now the sands of time quickly fall While I watch through life's hourglass I remember as a child I scoured the woods and the wild Places that no longer exist  Over the years they've been defiled Once I... Continue Reading →


Many young 20-somethings - like myself - struggle with the feeling of uncertainty or the fear of dissatisfaction with one's decisions in the future. Normally, I'm one to come up with my advice and dig myself out of the rut I'm stuck in, but I'm finding this one quite difficult. What do I want to... Continue Reading →

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