Seaside #2

Following my relaxing first night in Seaside, I began the more busy second day on the wrong foot by being thirty minutes late to checkout thanks to a missed alarm. Luckily, the folks at the Sandy Cove Inn were forgiving and I made my way out free of charge. My experience with the Inn was... Continue Reading →


Seaside #1

After watching the past few days of summer slowly tick away before school comes back around, I decided that a spontaneous trip was necessary. A four hour trek from my hometown of Seattle, Washington, led to a beautiful, albeit small, town by the name of Seaside, Oregon. Over the four hours, the trip was highlighted... Continue Reading →

Father’s Day

Sometimes, I believe that it's far too easy to take for granted character traits and skills that others have ingrained in you from a young age, as they seemingly have always been there and were inherited, not taught. However, as I reflect on this idea since Father's Day is coming up, I can point to... Continue Reading →


  As I passionately wait for the privilege to see you during the golden hour Where every minute spent with you is genuine I reflect on your beauty A sight so addictive and one that never grows old   However, your allure lies not in your appearance But instead in your complexity.   I see... Continue Reading →

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