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A spectacle even the most pessimistic of people can’t help but admire.

The gleaming, rapid white waters tumbling down rocks underneath, smoothened by the neverending downpour.

Or the majestic roar of the falls as they make their way to their destination.

I, myself, have been revisiting the same waterfall for some time now.

However, what has brought me back each and every time has nothing to do with her beauty.

Instead, I was fascinated with her ever-changing nature.

On a cool, rainy streak of days, her waters barreled down the rocks with great power and were all the more spectacular.

Then, on the drier, sunnier weeks of the summer, she was naught but a few trickles of water over the rocks below. I found this mesmerizing.

From one season to another, she was almost completely unrecognizable. However, she always returned to full strength, thanks to her undying persistence.

I still find myself returning to her, and always will until nature calls my name. I know she’ll be there forever, despite her highs and lows.


There will be tough times, where the water slows and seems to be coming to an end, but these are nothing but phases. She always returns, better than ever, and she always will.

Independence Day

As the pyros light up the sky

I think of you and I


You shot up into my view

I couldn’t take my eyes off of you


Exploding onto the scene

Almost felt like a dream


Your colors so bright

What a beautiful sight


Difference is, you’re here year ’round

Always there to make my heart pound


So, when tonight comes to a close

I’ll still be Jack, you’ll be my Rose


There is no need for goodbye

Our spark will never die.


When I put all my efforts

Into one face

Things never work out

It’s always the case


Though when I try less

It’s always a surprise

To find who I don’t want

Staring into my eyes


Why it’s like this

I can’t comprehend

Though my efforts won’t cease

Until time’s end


Maybe one day

I’ll meet one who values my time

I’ll love her to death

And she’ll always be mine


destroyed book


As you grabbed me from the shelf one fateful day

Commenting on my spectacular, albeit morose, cover art

You immediately were interested

Flipping through my pages

Fascinated by my unintelligible contents

Seemingly written in their own language

And took me home, determined to figure me out.


From the get go, you were different.

Most spend a few minutes attempting to crack the code

Then return me, no longer interested.

You, on the other hand, did not give up.

Your diligence caught my attention

And I decided that it was time.


I blessed you with my delicate contents

Decoding what you previously could not understand

And opened myself to your seemingly great intentions

Delighted by your apparent interest in me.


The only problem was

You weren’t delicate.

Or truly interested.


You were selfish.

Blazing through my pages

Not out of genuine interest

But to find comfort in our shared pain

Offering half-hearted advice and sympathy

While damaging my pages further as you read on

Looking to improve yourself through my mistakes

With no regard or care for me.


When you reached the end

You left me in worse condition than before

Then found a new story that piqued your interest,

Placed me on the shelf you found me,

And left me at the mercy of the next careless soul to open me

And further destroy what once was so pure.




As I passionately wait for the privilege to see you during the golden hour

Where every minute spent with you is genuine

I reflect on your beauty

A sight so addictive and one that never grows old


However, your allure lies not in your appearance

But instead in your complexity.


I see dark red during your happiest, most open moments

When you pour out your heart to all of those there to witness your grandeur


Other times, I see orange or yellow when you’re content

Smiling for viewers and offering a friendly wave through your change in color


Some days, I see rays of multiple colors, shining between the clouds as you’re trying to remain positive.

You’re not so outgoing, but folks who pay attention still can spot your charm from a mile away.


And, on your rough days, I see nothing.

On these occasions, the clouds cover you, overshadowing your magnificence.


However, I fear not

For I know you’ll be back soon

And I’ll wait patiently, for your elegance and beauty are unmatched

Nor will they ever be. 





Photo credit: Tristan White