Lately, I've been surrounded by a number of people who, unfortunately, have quite an ignorant view towards what one's motivation in life should be. More and more often, I'm hearing of one common motivator: Money. Really? Is that REALLY what drives people to succeed these days? If that's the case, then I'm not very... Continue Reading →



Today, the coast is swallowed by the tide Remaining close to the rocks Where the people reside   You see, the tide longs for a friend As it's a lonely world When you reach land's end   However, the time always arrives When the tide must go out For in the ocean it thrives  ... Continue Reading →


Where I lay right now Is the lowest of the low I'm in a place Where nothing will grow   I hear the rumors swirling Like an out-of-control black hole And I'm feeling that I'm going to be swallowed whole   Where I stand right now Is the highest of the high I'm in a... Continue Reading →


All my life, I've always been the one who had to be under control. I live for the feeling of safety in knowing that I'm in the driver's seat for everything I do, and cannot stand otherwise. My love of control goes down to even the car I drive, which has a manual transmission. The... Continue Reading →

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