3017: A Guide to Survival

  Hey, you! Yeah, you. Wake up, young survivor - The time is now! Get your day started, climb into your spacecraft and set your destination to Planet 797, a safe haven for the handful that made it out. You're one of the few, don't waste this opportunity. Now, the journey won't be easy - You're... Continue Reading →



Cobblestone corners Footloose foreigners Silky-smooth sands Titillating tans Whirring wheels Marvelous meals Braggadocious boats Chanel coats Lovable locals Hollywood hopefuls Tipsy Tiffanies Sleepless symphonies Drunken dancing Reckless romancing  Magical memories Covering centuries  As far as I can see Cannes is the place to be  Over the past few weeks, I've been traveling through the southeast... Continue Reading →

To the Rich

Gold cuff links Vintage Gucci shirts Diamond-encrusted minks Dark denim skirts Purchases meant solely to flaunt Not for the aesthetic But as more of a taunt Seeking attention but looking pathetic For what good is couture In an unfulfilling life   I won't bother to implore While you live in ignorance and strife However, I will... Continue Reading →

Seaside #2

Following my relaxing first night in Seaside, I began the more busy second day on the wrong foot by being thirty minutes late to checkout thanks to a missed alarm. Luckily, the folks at the Sandy Cove Inn were forgiving and I made my way out free of charge. My experience with the Inn was... Continue Reading →

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